Tabi are traditional Japanese socks, with the big toe separated and are available in two models: a short type up to the ankle and the other longer, up to mid-calf. Thanks to their elasticity, they adhere perfectly to the foot and, by keeping the big toe separate, they help prevent hallux valgus. Our Tabi are authentic traditional Japanese socks produced in Kyoto, in perfect Japanese style and decorated with classic Japanese motifs: from floral decorations to symbols of Japanese culture, such as Maneki Neko, Daruma and cherry blossoms. In Japan the Japanese Tabi / Socks are used especially in summer with the classic Japanese sandals, the Zori or Geta and the Yukata, Japanese summer Kimono. The creation of the Japanese Tabi socks dates back to the 16th century. They become very popular starting from the Edo period.